5 One Player Strategy Games for Preschoolers


We know that kids learn through play and that playing with our kids is vital to their development. We also know that encouraging kids to play with their peers is crucial in teaching social skills, cooperation and empathy. However, knowing how to play by yourself is just as important as being able to play in a group, only it requires a different skill set. One player games teach children to focus, rely on themselves, solve problems and help build self-esteem. Check out these excellent 1 player strategy games below.

1) The Three Little Piggies


Place the piggies on the board as indicated by the challenge cards and then figure out how to set up the houses so that the piggies either play outside or inside (depending on the card you choose). Playing this game encourages critical thinking, visual perception, spatial reasoning, and attention. Ages 3 and up. You can read more about it or purchase here.

2) Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a sequel to Three Little Piggies.The goal of the game is to follow the challenge cards to create a path for Little Red Riding Hood to get to grandma's house. Ages 4 and up.

3) Day and Night

Day and Night is a simple first puzzle game for preschoolers. The concept of the game is to stack the wooden pieces so that they replicate the picture designs in the booklet. This game promotes fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and logical reasoning. Ages 3-5 years old.

4) Castle Logix


Manipulate the blocks and towers to copy the different castle designs on the challenge cards. Playing this game works on spatial reasoning, problem-solving, visual perception, and attention. Ages 3 and up. You can learn more about the game or purchase it here.

5) Bunny Peek A Boo

Bunny Peek A Boo is another interesting game that requires problem-solving and spatial reasoning to solve. The goal is to arrange the 3 wooden blocks and the bunny as shown on the challenge cards. Ages 2 and up.