9 Card Games You Need To Know About


These 9 card games will keep kids engaged and focused while learning and having fun.

1) Blink


Blink is the fastest card game you’ll ever play. The goal is to place your cards down as fast as you can before your opponent by matching the color, shape, or number of your cards to the cards of the discard piles. Blink encourages visual processing, a quick reaction time, and problem-solving.

2) 7 ate 9


7 ate 9 is a fast-paced game (similar to Blink), except here you are matching by adding and subtracting numbers. 7 ate 9 helps improve basic math skills, works on reaction speed, and visual perception.

3) Too Many Monkneys

Too Many Monkeys is a simple card game that is mostly based on luck. The idea is to keep turning over cards from the main pile and switching them with your own six cards until your cards are in numerical order (1-6). Then you continue with 5 cards and so on. The person who reaches 1 card first wins the game. Too Many Monkeys encourages attention, turn taking, and decision making.

4) Rat A Tat Cat

Rat A Tat Cat is an interesting strategy game that works on visual memory and understanding of simple math. The idea of the game is to keep switching numerical cards to get them to add up to the lowest possible number. To do that you will have to take risks and make calculated decisions.

5) Stop ‘n Go


Stop ‘n Go has been my long-time favorite card game. The idea is similar to Uno. You play by matching cards as quickly as possible, while watching out for 3 special cards that will change the rules as you go. Stop ‘n Go works on following directions, matching, and reaction speed.

6) Super Genius


Super Genius card games come in a variety of themes for different skill levels, and include instructions for six different game variations in each pack. The idea is to find a match between any two cards. It can either be between a word and its image, two images, or two words. The words are written in different colors, sizes, and fonts which encourages attention to detail and teaches the concept of Form Constancy (ability to know that an object is the same, even when formed smaller, larger or in a different position).

7) Sorry Revenge

Sorry Revenge is an exciting card game that requires strategy and basic math skills to play. The goal of the game is to get the discard pile to add up to 21 without going over. The person who gets to 21 four times (and turns their pawns over to home) wins the game.

8) Slamwich

Slamwich is a cute card game that requires pattern recognition, attention, visual perception, and quick reaction time to play. The goal is to collect as many cards as possible by making Slamwiches (when 2 of the same cards have one card in between them) and Double Deckers (2 of the same cards in a row), but watch out there are Muncher cards that will interfere with your game.

9) Avocado Smash


Avocado Smash is a fast-paced card game that will keep you on your toes. Players take turns adding cards from their piles while counting in order from 1-15. When the number they say matches the number, they turn over, its a SMASH, and the players have to slap the pile quickly. The person who slaps the pile last has to take the cards. You can also get a SMASH by landing on the Smash card or by getting two of the same numbers in a row. The person who runs out of cards first wins. Avocado Smash requires a quick reaction time, attention, and perception to play.