Dentist Play-Doh Set


What you need to know: This Play-Doh set comes with everything you need (including a battery operated drill) to make playing dentist as fun and realistic as possible;). Kids will mold teeth, squeeze “toothpaste” through the toothbrush, and roll braces with the stamping roller. In other words, this play set is awesome!

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Check out this tooth!


I’m also obsessed with these braces (I think i did a good job).


Why I love this: It’s different, and the tools are actually functional. You can create a mouth filled with “teeth and braces,” pick them out with the tweezers and even use a working drill (with batteries) to pretend to fill a cavity. Playing with Play-Doh also has the additional benefits of helping build muscles in the hands and exposing to tactile sensory play that children often need and crave.

Skills it works on: Pretend play, creativity, fine motor skills, sustained attention, problem-solving, and patience.

Tip: Encourage two or more kids to play together to incorporate communication, sharing, and teamwork.

If you’d like to purchase this play set, I am including an affiliate link for your convenience here.

helen sadovsky