Jumping Jack


What you need to know: Jumping Jack is one of my go-to games first preschoolers. The quick and straightforward nature of the game makes it intriguing and easy to learn for younger children who are first beginning to play turn-taking reciprocal games.

To play: Spin the spinner, and pull the amount of carrots shown, but watch out if Jack the bunny jumps players have to try and catch him to win the game. If nobody catches Jack then the player with the most carrots is the winner.


Why I love it: The anticipation of waiting for Jack the bunny to jump keeps kids focused and engaged with the game.

jumping jack2.jpg

Skills it works on: Turn-taking, following directions, counting, reaction time, fine motor, and working towards a goal.

If you’d like to purchase Jumping Jack, I’m including an affiliate link for your convenience here.

helen sadovsky