Silly Street


About Silly Street:Silly Street is a super interactive board game that incorporates different aspects of development, challenging social emotional skills, creativity, motor abilities, and more in order to progress on the game board. The game board is an 8 piece floor puzzle that needs to be constructed prior to playing the game.


Here are just a few examples of the instructions on the cards.


More about silly Street: This game was specifically designed to support the development of soft skills such as confidence, grit, communication, curiosity, and problem-solving.

Why I love it: For all the reasons above. This game touches on all aspects of development while being silly and entertaining for little kids. The challenges also break up longer periods of sitting that board games require.


Skills it works on: Turn-taking, following directions, teamwork, motor skills, empathy, grit, communication, and creativity. It’s a great game for building confidence in little kids.

Tip: Be creative with using the challenge cards. Try using them without the board game to make everyday routines a little more silly and fun. You can incorporate them as movement breaks during homework, while waiting in line at a store or during travel.

If you’d like to purchase Silly Street, I am including an affiliate link for your convenience here

helen sadovsky