Diggin' Doggies

diggin doggies5.jpg

What you need to know: Diggin’ Doggies is a simple board game for preschoolers (3+).

Theme of the game: The doggies walk along a path searching for and picking up bones with their magnetic noses. The goal is to collect 3 bones that match your doggie’s color and bring them to your doggie’s house to win.

Diggin Doggies come with a game board, 4 doggies


12 doggie bones,


and a dice.


Why I love it: Diggin’ Doggies is a great first board game. It is simple but works on many important foundational skills. The magnetic noses also make it interactive and spark curiosity and interest in little kids.

Skills it works on: Color recognition, matching, counting, 1:1 correspondence, following directions, turn-taking, and sustaining attention to reach a goal.


Tip: Play with the whole family for some bonding time. Also, check out my blog post on ways to encourage kids to play board games here.

If you’d like to purchase Diggin’ Doggies, I am including an affiliate link for your convenience here.

helen sadovsky