Three Little Piggies


What you need to know: Three Little Piggies is a one player logic game for preschoolers. It comes with a game board, 3 piggies, a wolf, 3 uniquely shaped houses, and a booklet with 48 challenges that increase in level of difficulty as you go. There are two ways to play this game.


How to play: First, choose a challenge and set up the piggies as shown . Next you will have to arrange the house pieces so that they fit inside the board, around the piggies. Another way to play is to arrange the houses so that the piggies are “playing inside the houses”.Meaning you have to position the houses so that they cover the piggies. Take a look at an example below.

Here we set up the game as shown in the booklet. Now the idea is to cover the board with the 3 houses without moving the piggies.


Here is the completed puzzle. The solutions are in the back of each challenge in case you need some help.


Skills this works on: Visual processing and spatial awareness are needed to set up the game correctly. Visual-spatial skills, problem-solving, and logic are required to complete each puzzle. Games like this encourage concentration, independent play, and perseverance. Completing the puzzles is also a great confidence booster.

What else you should know: Once your kids have Mastered Three Little Piggies, look into Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White for more unique one player strategies games by Smart Games.

helen sadovsky