Stack Up!

stack up

What you need to know: Stack up is a cooperative board game that incorporates many important skills that preschoolers need to learn. It comes with instructions for 3 different game variations so that it can grow with the child.

Stack Up! comes with a double-sided game board, 12 challenge cards,


12 Blocks

Stack up game

a spinner, a stack smasher, and 2 Stack Sticks with wood and foam ends.

stack up game

The idea is to work with another player to stack the blocks before the Stack Smasher walks across the game board.


Stacking the blocks comes with a twist!

Players will have to follow the fun instructions on the challenge cards to stack the blocks.

Read some of the challenge cards below

stack up card
stack up game
stack up game

The simpler version of the game allows children to stack with their hands. The intermediate version uses the wood ends of the sticks, and the challenging version requires players to use the foam ends of the sticks.

Skills this works on: Working together, patience, perseverance, eye-hand coordination, following directions, gross motor skills, and concentration.

You can learn more and purchase Stack Up! here.

helen sadovsky