Uh-Oh Hippo!

Uh-oh Hippo Game

What you need to know: Uh-Oh Hippo! is a super fun and interactive memory game for preschoolers. It comes with a Hippo character who has an open and close mouth feature and 18 munchies (see below).

uh oh hippo game

To Play: First, ask your child to name all the munchies.

Then feed the Hippo by adding one munchie to every slot of the Hippo’s mouth

uh oh hippo game

Make sure to look closely at what the Hippo is eating, and try to remember everything that is in his mouth.

Hint: To make it easier to remember, ask the child to name all the objects out loud.

uh oh hippo

When ready, close Hippo’s mouth, and then open it back up.

uh oh hippo game

Uh-Oh, but when the Hippo opens up his mouth again, one of the munchies goes missing.

See if your child can remember which one the Hippo swallowed.

uh oh hippo game

To check if they are correct, press on the bird on the Hippo’s tail,

uh oh hippo game

and the missing munchie will fall out!

Were you correct?

The person who names 3 munchies correct first, wins the game.

Skills this works on: Visual and working memory, vocabulary, concentration, taking turns, following directions, and fine motor skills,

Why I love this: Memory games are the best, but its often tricky to find new memory game concepts. I was excited to find and try this one. The game is easy to learn and a ton of fun. It will have children thinking hard while having a good time.

Tip: If your kids love the game, you can apply this concept to other toys or objects in the house to challenge their memory skills in new ways.

If you’d like to learn more or purchase Uh-Oh Hippo, click here.

helen sadovsky