Gumball Grab Game


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What you need to know: Gumball Grab is a super fun game that incorporates a variety of developmental skills that preschoolers need to practice.

Gumball Grab comes with a game board, 40 rubber “gumballs”

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4 different color game mats,

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40 instruction cards, and

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4 tongs to (used for picking up gumballs).

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The goal of the game: Cover your game mat with the missing colored gumballs before your opponent.

But remember! You can only use the tongs to pick up the gumballs and not your fingers.

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Skills this works on: Color recognition, matching, counting, turn taking, following directions, and strengthening the tripod grasp (while maneuvering the tweezers to pick up the gumballs).

Tip: The tripod grasp is essential for holding writing utensils and performing every day fine motor tasks such as opening and closing buttons, zippers, and containers.

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You can purchase Gumball Grab from Lakeshore Learning.

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