Fish Feud Game


What you need to know: Fish Feud is a highly entertaining game for kids (and adults too). Neither of you will want to stop playing.:)

Fish Feud comes with 1 large fish (with an open mouth),

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6 squishy fish,

and 2 launchers.


To play: First players must choose their colored squishy fish and place the large fish with the open mouth in between them (players sit on opposite sides of the fish). Players then use their launcher to fly their squishy fish into the big fish’s mouth so that it lands on the other side. The person who gets rid of their squishy fish first wins the game.


Note: This is a ton fun, but isn’t as easy as it looks. It will require a few tries and some practice.


Also note: Fish Feud is a race and does not require turn taking. Players launch their fish at the same time, so quick planning and a fast reaction time is important.


Why I love this: This is is super fast paced game, which is typically engaging and motivating for preschoolers. It also incorporates many important skills such as socialization, friendly competition, use of motor planning, hand-eye coordination, sustained attention and persistence.


You can learn more about Fish Feud and purchase it here.

helen sadovsky