My Very First (and Best) Stacking Toys

These Wooden Animal Cars are an excellent way to introduce the concept of stacking. The shapes contour and can be stacked in any order. Use them to work on grasp and release, eye-hand coordination, and imaginative play.

This magnetic Shape Train Building Block Set is easy to stack together because of the magnetic pull. It's great for working on using both hands together, building fine motor skills, and exploring shapes and sizes.

These 11 blocks are all unique with different activities. There are marbles, a mirror, a bell, and more. Use them to stack and explore.

This classic open-ended wooden toy will grow with the child. Use it to stack, nest, build different structures, and incorporate into pretend play. It also makes a nice nursery room decoration.

Clemmy Blocks are soft and rubbery which means that they won't fall apart as easily once attached (like many similar plastic blocks). Playing with these helps develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and attention.

This beautiful set of Jumbo Wooden Blocks is perfect for learning to stack two cubes, then three, and eventually to build towers and castles.

Wooden Stacking & Nesting Bowls is an open-ended toy that is fun to explore while learning about spatial relationships, size, and colors. It can also make an excellent supplement to other building sets.

Green Toys Stacking Cups can be used for bath and play time. Learn to stack from biggest to smallest while developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Press and Stay Sensory Blocks have bristles which make them easier to stack because they won’t easily topple over. It’s the perfect way to introduce and build confidence in stacking blocks.

Learning to stack and nest blocks can be tricky, which is why I love that this set comes with a simple design and only five blocks to focus on and explore.

Rubbablox are made out of natural rubber foam and feel soft and fuzzy. Stacking them is easier for smaller children because they attach to the connectors and don’t fall apart that easily. This set comes with 9 blocks and 14 pegs (connectors). Supervision is required because the connector pieces are small and fully come out.

My First Stacker is a unique toy designed so that the pieces don’t tumble over that easily. The rings also stack in any order (including upside down), and the knobs are easy to pick up and hold.

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