12 Unique Wooden Toys


Wooden toys have received a lot of hype lately and for good reasons. They are more open-ended, which tends to encourage problem-solving, decision making and social interaction, and because they are not as overstimulating as many toys on the market today. Wooden toys don’t come with many buttons, colors, or gadgets which requires children to use their own imaginations to be entertained. Wooden toys are also timeless and can grow with a child. However, just as not all plastic toys are the same, neither are wooden toys. I've strategically chosen a few toys below that I love and have added some insight as to why I think they are fantastic. Hope you enjoy the list! I've also included affiliate links for your convenience. You can click on the pictures to learn more about each toy.

Please note: I am a participant of the Amazon Services Associates Program and have included “affiliate links” for all the toys. This means that when you click the pictures or links provided and make a purchase, I receive a small commission on the toy at no extra cost to you. You can read more about the Amazon Associates Program here. 

This Portable Dollhouse is built to last. Without any unnecessary distractions, it allows kids to enter a world of pretend play and imagination. Playing pretend is extremely important for encouraging the development of language, social-emotional skills, and problem-solving.

I love that this Grimm's 4-Part Wooden Stacking Tower comes with shapes that are more meaningful and age appropriate. For example, a leaf and a flower will have more relevance to a small child than a triangle.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench teaches cause and effect in a fun and engaging way. To play, push the ball down with the hammer so that it falls through the hole and plays a melody on the xylophone as it rolls down. You can also remove the xylophone and use both toys independently of one another.

This Rhythm Box is beautifully made and serves as an excellent way to teach kids about music and tempo. Use it to engage in pretend play, develop motor skills and coordination, and build self-confidence as well.

This wooden Pop Up Toy teaches cause and effect as kids push down on the wooden pegs to watch them pop back up. It also encourages finger isolation and fine motor skills.

This Color and Shape Wooden Block Sorter is fantastic because it introduces color perception (lighter and darker) and size comparisons.

Balancing Barnyard takes stacking games to a whole new challenging level. It’s great for practicing eye-hand coordination, learning about balance, working on turn taking, and grading pressure. It’s also fun for the whole family to play together. 

I love this Wooden Spin & Feed shape Sorter because it shows one missing piece at a time, which allows kids to intentionally search for correct shapes instead of using a trial and error approach. This is great for beginners.

These beautiful wooden stacking blocks are each uniquely handmade. They are perfect for encouraging the development of eye-hand coordination and exploring with the concept of balance while problem-solving.

This simple wooden shape sorter is perfect for working on visual discrimination, attention, and color recognition. The shapes can also be stacked vertically and horizontally.

This dollhouse comes with realistic furniture and appliances. Love it for inspiring imaginations and engaging in pretend play.

Sort ‘n’ Shake blocks come with 10 wooden blocks with different sounds and animal pictures. Use them to teach cause and effect, recognize colors and sizes, and practice counting while exploring and having fun. They can also be used to build towers and incorporated into pretend play.

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