10 Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Olds

Tegu magnetic wooden blocks are a simple and beautifully made construction toy, designed to inspire open-ended play and creativity. Open-ended play is essential for nurturing imagination, encouraging self-expression, and building confidence. Playing with magnetic construction pieces also helps develop motor skills, coordination, and visual-spatial abilities.

Balance Beans is a 1 player strategy game with 40 different challenges to solve. The goal of each challenge is to balance the seesaw by adding beans to both sides. Playing Balance Beans encourages attention, independent play, and problem-solving.

Who wouldn’t love to get this extra large 1lb tin of Thinking Putty? Besides being super fun, putty can also help develop hand strength, be used as a sensory/ fidget toy to improve focus, and promote open-ended play.

I used to have a toy just like this with fashion plates when I was younger, and was super excited to find out that this Action Hero set exists as well. Use it to build fine motor skills, creativity, and attention.

IO Blocks is an open-ended building set that comes with unique geometric shaped pieces that interlock in multiple ways. It also includes an app that helps with building different 3D structures. Playing with IO Blocks promotes fine motor skills, visual-spatial abilities, attention, problem-solving, and coordination.

This Easy Crafts activity book by Kumon includes excellent 3D crafts that are fun, fast, and easy for children to make. Use this book to refine cutting skills, practice folding, pasting, and following directions.

Sherlock is my favorite memory game of all time. The instructions are simple, but winning can be hard (even for adults). Use it to work on working and visual memory, concentration, and communication.

If you’re looking for a unique craft gift then Sand Art could be an awesome choice. This activity set comes with 4 designs and 12 colors of sand to decorate the pictures with.

What Letter Do I Start With is a fun board game that incorporates eye spy with letter recognition. Choose a letter and see if you can spot a picture that begins with that letter. Love this for working on visual perception, visual scanning, letter recognition, and attention.

This Percussion Frame Drum Set is a perfect gift to inspire a love for music. Use it to teach about different musical instruments, work on rhythm, and encourage open-ended play.

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