What is Kanoodle? Kanoodle is a a one player logic game that challenges spatial reasoning and requires patience, problem-solving and perseverance to solve. Yes, it’s also a lot of fun!:)


How do you Play? The goal of the game is to fit the different shaped noodles inside the board. First, players choose a challenge in the booklet and replicate the design as shown. Players then have to figure out how to insert the remaining noodles inside the board so that they all fit (not as easy as it sounds). Luckily, you can start with easier challenges and work your way up to the more difficult ones.


Why is Kanoodle awesome? Besides promoting visual spatial thinking, its a great quiet one player game that will keep kids and adults focused for quite some time. It is also small which is perfect for travel, during wait times, and even for relaxation. It is recommended for ages 7 and up, but the more difficult challenges may be tricky even for adults to solve.


What else should I know about Kanoodle? You can also create pyramids out of the noodles! Just turn the game board upside down, flip to the last few pages of the booklet, and follow the directions for an even greater challenge.


Where can I buy one? I’ve included an affiliate link for your convenience here.

helen sadovsky