What you need to know: Sherlock is the greatest memory game ever!

To play:

1) Turn over 6 cards and place them around the main deck.

2) Take a few seconds to memorize the pictures on the cards and where they are positioned.


3) Turn the cards upside down.


4) First player chooses a card and calls out a picture that he/she remembers. If the picture is correct, the player proceeds to follow the arrow to move the amount of spaces shown and call out the next card.


For example, here the player guessed banana and now has to follow the arrow to then move two cards to the right.


If a player gets the card wrong, its the next player’s turn.

When a player lands on a card that is already right side up that player keeps the card and turns over a new card from the pile.

Whoever keeps 5 cards first wins the game!


Tip: You can also play the game with more than 6 cards to make it more challenging.

If you’d like to purchase the game, I’m including an affiliate link here

helen sadovsky