Balance Beans


What you need to know: Balance Beans is a 1 player logic game for ages 5 and up. It comes with a balance tray, 9 bean pieces (3 single beans, 3 double beans, and 3 triple beans), and 40 challenge cards ranging from easy to super hard. The goal of each challenge card is to figure out how to balance the beans on the seasaw.


To play: Pick a challenge card of your choice and set up the game as shown (see above). The card will also tell you which pieces you need to add to create a balance. In this case we have to add one single bean. Now all you have to do is figure out where to add the single bean to balance the seasaw.


See the solution in the picture above.

Here is another example of a more difficult puzzle. The challenge is to add 2 triple beans and 1 single bean to balance out the seasaw.


We added 1 single piece and 1 double piece to one side and one triple piece to the other. So fun!


Skills it works on: Problem-solving, persistence, attention, and intro to algebra (without kids even knowing).

Fun Fact: When you balance the seesaw you are actually balancing an equation.

Tip: Balance Beans is a great quiet time game and would be fun during travel.

You can purchase Balance Beans here.

helen sadovsky