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What you need to know: Clack is a unique fast paced game that will encourage a quick reaction time and promote visual processing skills. It comes with 36 magnetic disc and 2 dice (one with shapes and one with colors). It is recommended for kids 5 and up.


To Play: Roll the dice, then race to find and stack up all the pieces that have the color and shape that the dice land on. Oh, and you can only use one hand.

If you land on the color blue and a star shape, players have to stack all the pieces that have a blue star on them.


Here, players would be looking to pick up all the pieces with a yellow arrow.

Note: Some of the shapes are different sizes, so watch out for that!


The white sides are considered wild. This means that if you land on a white color and a flower, you have to rush to stack all the the pieces that have flowers on them regardless of the color, and vice versa.


To win: After all the discs have been collected, the player with the most discs wins the game.

Skills this works on: Visual perception, Visual scanning (exercising the eyes), reaction speed and concentration.

Tip: You can modify this game for younger kids. Instead of racing to pick up the pieces, players can take turns. This gives younger children a chance to process all of the pictures.

You can learn more and purchase Clack here.

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