Poppin Hoppies


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What you need to know: Poppin Hoppies is guaranteed to keep kids engaged while having a ton of fun.

The game comes with a board, body part puzzle pieces to create 4 characters, and 7 spring-loaded hoppies that jump up a few seconds after you push them down.


To Play: Set up the Hoppies in the middle of the game board, and quickly push them down.

Tip: Push them all down at the same time and as fast as you can so that they don’t jump up before you are ready to start the game.


Once the Hoppies are all down, it will only take a few seconds for them to pop back up. The goal is to catch one of each color. For every color caught, players receive a piece of the character corresponding to that color.


Whoever completes the character first, wins the game.

Note: The character can not have the same color body parts next to each other, so children will have to use strategy when catching the Hoppies.


Why I love this: It’s fast paced, easy to learn, and super interactive. It will get kids excited and motivated to play.

Skills it works on: Reaction time, following directions, persistence, patience, problem-solving, working towards a long term goal, and social interaction.

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helen sadovsky