Favorite Fidgets!


If you're tired of Fidget Spinners (like I am), take a look at some other cool fidget alternatives that your kids will love. You can click on any of the pictures to learn more about each toy. The pictures are affiliate links.

The little squares in this Wood Fidget Puzzle by Toysmith can be twisted and turned in thousands of ways to create different shapes and structures. Great for keeping the hands busy, and the mind focused. Love this one!

Tangle Jr. can be endlessly twisted and turned in multiple directions making for a creative and soothing play experience. The little semi circle pieces can also be pulled apart and snapped back together (some strength is required though).

Mondo Spaghetti Balls are stretchy, squishy and have a cool texture and feel to them. Very intriguing and rewarding toy.

Trying to squeeze and maneuver the little rubber balls inside the DNA Stress Balls is super fun and engaging. The DNA Stress Balls make for a great tactile toy.

Stretchy Strings feel soft and slimy. Pinch them, tie them, twist them, and stretch them over 10 ft long. Stretchy Strings also make great exercise toys for the fingers and hands.

Spiky Slap Bands are super rewarding to manipulate, bend, touch, and play with. Snap one over your wrist to watch it curve into a bracelet.

This 12 Sided Fidget Cube looks awesome! So many parts to explore, manipulate, push, pull, and feel. 

Can you stretch the cheese enough to hide the mice inside the holes? This fidget toy also helps strengthen muscles in the hands and promotes fine motor skills.

Wacky Tracks bend and twist into countless of shapes. Guaranteed to keep the hands and the mind busy for hours.

Can you match the colors of the balls to their corresponding holes? The Magic Speed Cube is fun to manipulate and also makes a great fine motor toy!

The Jeliku Toy is another interesting fidget toy. Bend and turn the plastic pieces into different directions to create unique designs.

What'z It is a great quality wooden fidget toy where the pieces also bend on all sides and twist in different directions to create different structures.

Flexi-Sphere is made out of silver wire and glass beads. It expands and collapses into cool looking shapes when manipulated.

Please Note: Some of the fidget toys listed contain small parts and are not meant for young children. Always remember to supervise your child with any new toy and use your judgment to make sure it's safe and appropriate.