8 Super Cool Sensory Compounds!


The sense of touch enables us to feel a variety of sensations, such as temperature, pressure, pain, vibration, and texture. Our brains can typically determine how a texture will feel just by looking at it. For example, looking at a pillow, we can assume that it will likely be soft. However, some textures and consistencies are less predictable and therefore more intriguing for our brains (hence the recent slime craze). Kids and adults are fascinated by unique textures and have an internal motivation and drive to touch and see how they feel. Touching and playing with different textures and consistencies can be pleasurable, intrinsically motivating and fun. Some textures are calming and soothing, while others are alerting. 

If your kids love the feel of slime, check out these interesting compounds that are guaranteed to fascinate and engage them in play, while developing perception, imagination and motor skills.

You can click on any of the pictures to learn more about each toy.


1) Floof

Floof or Indoor Snow has a uniquely soft and smooth texture that is described to feel “lighter than air.” It is reusable, easy to mold and makes an excellent tool for sensory play.

2) Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand feels almost like real sand except it mostly sticks to itself and not to hands or other surfaces. It's also easier to sculpt with because it doesn't fall apart as quickly. Kinetic Sand is easy to clean up and never dries out.


3) Mad Mattr

Mad Mattr is a combination of kinetic sand and modeling clay. It is super soft, molds easily, and holds the shape it's molded into until pulled apart. Playing with Mad Mattr is relaxing and calming, and makes for a creative, open-ended toy.

4) Glow Dough

Glow Dough is a slimy compound that comes in many different variety packs. Some dough glows in the dark, some changes color in the light, and some come with make it yourself packets! Glow Dough is great for sensory play (feels cold and slimy), and for strengthening hands, and improving fine motor skills


5) Play Foam

Play Foam is a unique tactile toy that can be squished and molded into different shapes and figures. Make letters and numbers or create pictures while engaging the sense of touch. A fun alternative to play-doh!


6) Thinking Putty

Stretch it, bounce it, twist it, break it or sculpt it. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty comes in endless variety packs. It feels squishy and a little slimy, with a bit of resistance, making it awesome for not just playing but also for strengthening hands and encouraging fine motor skills!

7) Play Dirt

Play Dirt is one of the coolest compounds because it really feels like real dirt, except it's clean, easy to mold, easy to clean up and doesn’t dry out. Love it!


8) Slime Baff

For all the brave parents who want to make their kids' bath time a ton of fun, there is Slime Baff. This stuff becomes slimy when used in water and is fun to stretch, twist, and play with.

Please note: These compounds are not for very young children. Please check the age requirements before purchasing, and use your judgment to make sure it's safe and appropriate.