Fine Motor Toy Ideas Part 2


In this activity set, kids get to personalize their animal pictures in a creative way with funky and imaginative stickers. Sticking and unsticking stickers works on bilateral coordination (using both hands together) and helps refine fine motor skills.

Besides for being super cute, this Lacing Beehive also encourages children to work on fine motor coordination (holding and pulling the lace), bilateral coordination (using two hands), and eye-hand coordination (getting the lace into the hole) while completing the activity. 

Pick a Berry is a super cute game for preschoolers that works on in-hand manipulation skills (holding a few berries in the hands and transferring them to the tips to place on the branch), balance, turn-taking, and attention.

Pop-Arty Beads encourage creativity, imaginative play, and the development of fine motor strength. They also provide excellent proprioceptive feedback to the muscles and joints, making it a calming and organizing activity.

Stamps are usually fun and motivating for children. Using them also encourages a tripod grasp, and helps develop hand arches (needed for writing).

Using tweezers to pick up and hold objects strengthens muscles in the hands and promotes a tripod grasp (needed for writing). Here, kids also practice matching and eye-hand coordination (when trying to place the bees into their hives). 

Pulling apart the velcro pieces develops strength in the hands and encourages bilateral coordination (using two hands together to complete a task). Kids can also practice bilateral coordination by using their dominant hand to "cut" with the toy knife and use their "helper" hand to stabilize the food.

Plus- Plus is one of my favorite construction toys! It includes small colorful puzzle pieces that can be used to create 3D designs. Plus-Plus promotes fine motor strength, coordination, creativity, and visual-spatial skills.

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