10 Toys That Promote Attention


For kids to learn through play, they first have to be interested and be willing to pay attention. However, finding toys that can keep a child’s attention can be a challenge. Here I’ve created a list of 10 toys that will hopefully help do just that. You can click on the images to learn more about each toy.


Please note: I am a participant of the Amazon Services Associates Program and have included “affiliate links” for all the toys. This means that when you click the pictures or links provided and make a purchase, I receive a small commission on the toy at no extra cost to you. You can read more about the Amazon Associates Program here. 

Whac A Mole is an electronic game that encourages attention and quick reaction time. The moles on the board take turns jumping and lighting up in random order requiring the players to "whac" them before they go back down. Super engaging and fun game!


Banging on the drums and hearing the different sounds they make is super rewarding for children, which as a result keeps their attention and motivates them to play for extended periods of time. 


These hand bells are extremely versatile and can be used in play in many creative ways. To get a child's attention, an adult can first introduce them and demonstrate how they work. Then when a child is interested and engaged, he/she can be encouraged to make his/her own melodies or shake them to explore sound. 


This shape sorter makes unique sounds as each piece slowly slides down to the bottom. The additional auditory and visual component is more likely to engage and keep a child's attention on learning the concept of shapes.


This soft ball has little beads inside of it that create a gentle sound when the ball is bounced or thrown.  Incorporating an auditory component to a  catch and throw game makes the activity more engaging and rewarding.


Children are usually fascinated by bubbles and love to run after them and pop them. While doing this, they work on visual fixation, visual scanning, and attention. Also, the fact that the bubbles disappear quickly gives kids a reason to interact with you and ask for more.


The texture in Bristle Blocks provides kids with tactile sensory input which helps with attention and focus. These blocks connect easily in multiple ways making it motivating and intriguing to build with and explore for young kids.


Bilibo is a versatile toy with no one way to play. Kids can spin inside, use it as a  target or sit inside it and relax while reading a book. Bilibo inspires curiosity and intrigues kids to explore and play.


The Teeter Popper is a new uniquely designed toy with sturdy suction cups on the bottom, specifically created to provide endless open-ended play opportunities. How it is used is up to the kids.


Stretchy String makes a great fidget and strengthening toy that is engaging for kids and adults alike. The material feels soft and squishy and is enjoyable to pull, pinch, and tie together. To promote attention and interaction ask your child to pull from one side while you pull from the other.


helen sadovsky