9 Tools and Tricks That Will Improve Handwriting Instantaneously

1) A Slant Board

How this helps: Using a slant board automatically improves posture and positions the wrist in a more extended position which allows the fingers to move more freely and have better control of the pencil.

2) Pencil Weights

How this helps: If a child's writing is too light, then adding a pencil weight can help with teaching to apply an adequate amount of pressure.

3) Mechanical Pencils

How this helps: If a child puts too much pressure on a pencil, then using mechanical pencils for a while can teach the child to adjust and be more aware of how much weight to apply so that the lead does not break.

4) Finger Spacers

How this helps: I find that children often leave too much space between words and letters or not enough. Using the finger spacers after each word can teach a child how much space is needed, and improve legibility and independence during writing.

5) 4-Color Raised Paper

How this helps: Using paper with raised (bumpy) lines provides additional tactile cues, so children are more aware of the lines and remember to write in between them. The different colors make the lines easier to distinguish from one another as well.

6) Ferby Jumbo Triangular Pencils

How this helps: These pencils are shorter than regular pencils and are triangular which makes them easier to grip and hold. They also have a softer lead and write more smoothly.

7) Pencil Grips

How this helps: Using a pencil grip helps position the fingers correctly around the pencil. They are also more comfortable to hold and can help prevent the hands from getting tired. There are many pencil grips on the market, so it’s really about finding the one that works for your child.

8) Hi Write Lower Case Alphabet Paper

How this helps: Kids learn correct letter formation and gain muscle memory through practice. I love that this alphabet paper provides visual cues and a lot of repetition.

9) Star Spacer

How this helps: Star Spacer is another interesting writing tool that helps with spacing words. It can be used for assistance with aligning letters in a straight line as well.

helen sadovsky