12 Travel Toy Ideas for Preschoolers


AquaDoodle Travel Mat is a soft portable drawing toy. Just add water to the AquaDoodle Pen and have fun drawing and doodling for hours. The water disappears after about a minute or two, so kids can have fun drawing over and over.

In this Tape Activity Book, kids have to fill in the pictures that have empty strips with colorful tape.  Add laces on a shoe or stripes on a zebra. This is super fun for children and also works on fine motor skills, sustained attention, and coordination. 

Wikki Stix feel sticky and waxy. They attach to almost any smooth surface, and peel of easiy  without leaving a mess.  Wikki Stix are often used in therapy to create letters or exaggerate lines on a paper. Now they come in a travel set with a 12 page activity booklet for hours of busy fun. 

This activity set comes with 2 airport scenes and over 80 reusable stickers with which to decorate the scenes. While playing kids use their imaginations, problem-solve, work on eye-hand coordination, and practice fine motor skills. 

This Travel Activity Bag comes with 15 items packed in a drawstring bag, which includes a coloring book, crayons, a fidget puzzle, a wind-up toy, a card game, and much more. It's perfect for hours of quiet on the go fun! 

ColorBlast is a travel pad with 24 pages of seek-and-find activities. The pictures appear as you color them in with a magic pen. 

Felt Friends includes felt sticker shapes, color-in scenes, and more to create 12 of your very own fuzzy friends. 

Add water to the marker provided, then have a child color in the pictures to reveal the animals that begin with each letter. Super fun, educational, and great for travel!

Desk To Go comes with 2 pockets and a working surface for drawing and playing, It's perfect to use on an airplane table or on a child's lap.

This comes with 20 background pictures and over 170 stickers for kids to create different animal faces. Super fun and engaging for preschoolers.

Magnetibook Shapes comes with 43 magnets and 30 designs to replicate. Work on visual perception to copy the designs or use your imagination to create your own.

Here is a simple matching and memory game with magnetic pieces, so that  they won't get lost. Playing this game promotes working memory, matching, vocabulary, turn-taking, and fine motor skills.

helen sadovsky