16 Magnetic Construction Toys That You And Your Kids Will Love


The belief that playing with construction toys is beneficial for children is not new, and a recent study has shown that those who play with building toys as children have higher visual-spatial abilities as adults. Construction toys provide children with the autonomy to ideate and create unique designs, then problem-solve to modify and perfect their creations. Kids learn perseverance, explore with trial and error, and discover basic math and engineering principles. As building requires the use of two hands together and fine motor coordination, children end up practicing those skills naturally as they play. Many construction toys also develop muscles in the hands, which are necessary for tasks like writing, eating, closing buttons, and opening snacks. Fortunately, there are endless fantastic construction products out there.


Here is a list of just a few interesting magnetic construction toys that have caught my eye and that hopefully you and your children will love as well. You can click on the pictures to learn more about each toy.

(Sp) 1) ShapeMags

2) Magformers

3) Kor Tazoo

4) Better Builders

5) Magicube

6) Geomag Mechanics

7) Magna-Qubix

8) Magz-Bricks

9) Grippies

10) Tegu Wooden Magnetic Blocks

11) Olefun Bendable Connectable Magnetic Strips

12) Goobi

13) Goobi Juniors

14) BizyBeez MagStix

15) Magz Clix

16) Power Clix

helen sadovsky