7 Toys That Are Almost As Fun as Ipads (Toddler Edition)


Finding toys that toddlers love as much as Ipads can be tricky, so I’m here to help:). Take a look at the 7 toys I found that will keep your toddlers playing, engaged and focused while learning and having fun..

Fluffy Friends Paper Animal Activities come with 4 animal sticky collage boards, colored tissue and stickers. This craft activity is a fun way for kids to explore textures, experience a sense of accomplishment through creating their own art, practice fine motor skills, and work towards a goal. It’s also an activity that your child can do with you or an older sibling for an additional social component.

This Skoolzy Shape Sorter can be broken down into different play activities to engage curiosity and exploration, and support a variety of developmental skills. It can be used to work on color and shape recognition, sorting, matching, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and more.

This pegboard activity set allow kids to “color in” pictures using bright and beautiful colored pegs. It is great for keeping a child’s attention, working on eye-hand and fine motor coordination, and learning to recognize and match colors. It’s also a fun way to learn new vocabulary and practice storytelling with you.

Young kids love to manipulate magnets on a fridge, but instead of using letters choosing simple 2 piece puzzles will be more age appropriate and meaningful. Aside from working on perception and attention, children will build strength in their arms and hands while manipulating these magnets on a vertical surface at eye level.

Goobi Junior is an open-ended magnetic construction set designed specifically for younger kids to manipulate. The pieces are larger in size and lightweight which is perfect for toddlers. Exploring and playing with building toys promotes visual spatial abilities, problem-solving, motor skills, and creativity. It can also be used as an independent activity or played in a group.

From an OT perspective, there is is no better toy than blocks, specifically large foam blocks that require children to use their whole bodies to carry and build with. Playing with large foam blocks helps develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, creativity, and more. Encourage your kids to use their imaginations as they build towers, castles, cars, and boats.

This Color Matching Egg Set is fun to explore and an excellent way to keep a child’s attention. Use it to search for, name, and match colors, and begin learning to count. Taking the pieces apart also works on bilateral coordination (using both hands together) and helps develop hand strength.

helen sadovsky