7 Cool Toys You Probably Don't Know About (But Should)


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1) Pack Your Bags

What you should know: Pack Your Bags! is a simple matching board game for preschoolers.

Why you should know about it: It teaches kids about which clothes to take on different trips depending on theme and weather.

2) My Clothespin Zoo

What you should know: This activity set comes with 10 clothes pins, 60 different craft accessories, and simple to understand instructions to create 10 different animals.

Why you should know about it: Engaging in creative art projects helps develop cognitive skills (matching, counting, decision making), imagination, attention, and self- confidence. Also, playing with clothespins helps build finger strength, which is needed for good fine motor control.

3) Fire Station Playset

What you should know: This set includes bendable figures, 15 realistic looking accessory pieces, and opportunity for imaginative play on every corner.

Why you should know about it: Fostering pretend play is important in young children, and it’s a good idea to incorporate different themes (not just dollhouses).

4) Superkid in Training

What you should know: Superkid In Training is a superhero obstacle course set that comes with 10 double-sided action cards, 5 card stands, a cape, 2 wrist bands, etc to turn a kid into an active superhero.

Why you should know about it: It’s an engaging and innovative way to encourage active play, gross motor skills, and imagination. It can also be used indoors and out.

5) Jugging Rings

What and why you should know about it: Learning to juggle is difficult, but a fun and valuable skill to practice. Juggling promotes eye-hand coordination and balance, teaches timing and rhythm, and requires concentration and grit. You can experiment with using beanbags and scarves to make the activity simpler or more challenging.

6) Sleepy Princess Pile Up

What you should know: Sleepy Princess Pile Up is based on a fairy tale. The idea is to stack the pillows, blankets, and mattresses on top of a pea without them falling over. It can be played as a team or a competition.

Why you should know about it: This game teaches pattern recognition, turn-taking, following directions, grading pressure, and helps build fine motor skills in younger kids.

7) Lollipop Drum

What you should know: The only thing more fun than a drum is a lollipop drum.;)

Why you should know about it: Drums are a fun way to teach kids about rhythm, encourage pretend play, promote motor skills, and develop self-confidence.

helen sadovsky