7 Unique Bath Toys That Your kids (And You) Will Love


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1) Penguin Sailing Boat

Toys don’t have to be over the top to be fun and educational. Love the simplistic design of this bath toy by Plan Toys. It’s perfect for engaging a child in quiet and imaginative play.


2) Building Bath Pipes

These water pipes by Boon suction to a wall, and can either be used individually or constructed into a chain. Love that there is so much room for fun, exploration, and creativity in just one toy.


3) Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy

Fill this adorable cloud with water, lift it, and watch it rain. To stop the flow, place your finger at the top of the cloud to cover the hole. Love that it teaches cause and effect, and has a real science element. It’s also great for promoting curiosity and active play.


4) Rub a Dub Tub Soup

Stick the vegetables to the wall (they stick when wet), and encourage your child to pull them off (works on fine motor skills), then ask her/him to stir the vegetables in the pot (and work on using two hands together). So cute, educational, and healthy;).


5) Chomp Hungry Whale

Catch all the creatures swimming in the bathtub to feed the hungry whale. The whale’s mouth opens when you squeeze on his tail, which teaches cause and effect and builds hand strength.


6) Zoo Stack & Pour Buckets

These buckets come with three different sprinkle effects for endless fun, exploration, and learning. Great for promoting open-ended play in the tub.


7) Bath Puzzles

Here is a fun way to introduce colors, shapes, and matching. Stick the vibrant colored puzzles to a wall or play in the water, while developing early academic and motor skills.

helen sadovsky