13 Toy and Game Ideas for Pet Lovers


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1) The Dalmation Vet Kit is a portable animal clinic that includes an adorable plush puppy, a crate, a stethoscope, and many other realistic tools that will promote imaginative play and teach empathy.

2) If you’ve ever wanted to dress your dog in funky clothes, this Magnetic Dress-Up Pets activity set is for you;). Choose from 7 outfits and 38 pieces to create the most stylish doggies.

3) Cabbage Patch Adoptimals are electronic pets that bark, pant and make doggie sounds. Their heart lockets pair with keys that come with Cabbage Patch Kids which unlock the pet’s unique heartbeat. Super cute!

4) Puzzles are an excellent way to work on visual perception and sustained attention. Choosing pictures that resonate with kids will motivate them to complete the task even when it becomes challenging.

5) Puppy Pursuit Games includes 6 plush puppies, 60 paw-print cards, and instructions for 10 different game variations. The games will challenge a variety of skills such as memory, sequencing, and matching.

6) Nursing Nina Cat is a super cute and unique toy that will develop empathy and nurturing in kids while engaging them in pretend play. It includes 3 plush kittens that attach to Nursing Nina magnetically.

7) Pillow Pets are soft, cute, and serve a dual purpose. Use them for imaginative play and then unfold them into comfy pillows. Pillow Pets are great for travel and make awesome gifts. There are also many animals to choose from.

8) Wonderhood Pet Place is an open-ended construction toy that comes with 35 illustrated double-sided plastic panels, connectors, a pet exercise wheel, and toy figurines for kids to create their own pet shop and veterinary clinic scenes. It is recommended for ages 5 and up because attaching the connectors to the panels can be a little tricky, but with some assistance and supervision it can be fun for younger kids as well.

9) Feed the Kitty is a cute dice game that works on turn-taking, following directions, and attention. Will you have to feed a mouse to the cat on your turn or will you be safe? The person who has mice left over at the end of the game wins.

10) Diggin Doggies walk along a path searching for their bones. When they find the bone that they are looking for, they pick it up with their magnetic noses. Diggin Doggies is a super fun and unique board game that promotes turn-taking, counting, matching, following directions, and fine motor skills.

11) The Cat’s Pajamas is a silly matching board game for preschoolers. The idea is that the cats put on too many pajamas and are now hot. Players have to take turns rolling the dice and removing layers of the cat’s pajamas by matching the prints on the board to the pajamas.

12) Feeding and Grooming Pet Care is a cute pretend play set that comes with a plush dog, cat, and many grooming and feeding accessories.

13) Shelby’s Snack Shack works on number recognition, counting, turn-taking, following directions, and fine motor skills. The goal of the game is to collect the most doggie bones to add to your doggie bowl.

helen sadovsky