Spin & Feed Shape Sorter


What you need to know: This wooden puppy shape sorter comes with 5 different colored shapes, and a spinning nose that changes the shape of the mouth as you turn it. It is recommended for kids 12 months and up


Here is what it looks like from the back.


Why I love it: Having only one missing piece at a time allows kids to intentionally search for correct shapes by visually scanning for the shape they need instead of using a trial and error approach. This promotes problem-solving and focus.


Skills it works on: Shape and color recognition, matching, fine motor skills, attention, problem-solving, pretend play.


Tip: This toy is designed in such a way that children naturally have to adjust their wrist into an extended position to put the shapes inside the puppy’s mouth. This helps build wrist strength and stability needed for more mature fine motor skills as they get older.

helen sadovsky