Acorn Soup


What is Acorn Soup? Acorn Soup is an awesome first game for 2-year olds.

How do you play? Choose a recipe card and add the ingredients shown to make different soups.

Why is Acorn Soup awesome? It’s fun and interactive, and also touches on many important skills that young children need to learn.

Like what? Turn taking, counting (the ingredients), searching for and matching the correct ingredients (visual scanning and visual perception), placing the ingredients onto the spoon and into the soup bowl (bilateral and eye-hand coordination), and imaginative play.


It comes with 8 recipe cards,


a wooden spoon


24 wooden ingredients, instructions, and a parent guide with play tips all inside the soup bowl;)


What else should I know? Nobody wins or loses , everyone just plays and interacts together. Also, be creative with how you play. Modify the rules to fit your child’s interests, create your own ingredients, etc.

Anything else: Don’t forget to stir!:)

Where can I buy this? I’m including an affiliate link here

helen sadovsky