Geometry Puzzle


What you need to know: This is a double-sided wooden puzzle by Hape Toys. Recommended for 18 months and up.

One side is a simple inset puzzle that kids can match by shape and color.


The other side is more tricky and requires some problem-solving and baby math skills to complete;).


Why I love it: I love the concept of the 2 sides with one being a bit more complicated. This way it can grow with the child and remain relevant for longer. It’s also great at keeping a child’s curiosity as you can always flip it over to the other side once they are finished with one. The shapes can also be stacked in multiple ways promoting open-ended play and exploration.


Skills it works on: Matching, Sorting, problem-solving, color and shape recognition, visual perception, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, grading pressure, and sustained attention.


Tip: Encourage your child to play in different positions (kneeling, standing, laying on tummy) to build core strength, because a strong core is a prerequisite for good gross and fine motor development as they get older.

helen sadovsky