Click Blocks


What are Click Blocks? Click blocks are wooden stacking blocks with plastic pegs at the top. They attach firmly so they won’t easily fall apart on their own. Click Blocks are recommended for 12 months and up. Some pieces are on the smaller side so supervision is required.


Why I love Click Blocks: Unlike many blocks for young children, these require strength and coordination to build with. They are also great quality and are light weight.


What else should you know: The simplest toys are often the most beneficial for development. The less the toy does on its own, the more room it leaves for the child to direct play. Blocks are great for encouraging imaginative play, creativity, and engaging in open-ended play. These blocks especially are great for building muscles in the hands and working on eye-hand and bilateral coordination.


If you’d like to purchase Click Blocks, I’m including an affiliate link here.

helen sadovsky