Bunny Bedtime


About: Bunny Bedtime is a first board game for 2-year-olds that is fun to play together with your child before bed. The goal of the game is to help the bunny prepare for bed by completing his nightly routine. This game includes a wooden bunny, a dice, 5 double-sided puzzle pieces with different activities that are performed before bed, a sturdy board that opens up into a 5 piece inset puzzle, a parent guide, and instructions.


To Play: Roll the dice and walk bunny to the space of the color you land on. The first blank says “First I play with my toy in the bathtub.” A child has to first match the shape and then select the toy that the bunny will play with, and so on. The game continues until the bunny completes his bedtime routine.


Skills it works on: So many! Turn taking, following directions, matching shapes and colors, making decisions, focusing to complete a task, and best of all bonding with you.

Here a child has to decide on the color of their toothbrush and the style of pajamas.


Here the child has to choose the type of toy that the bunny wants to play with and whether he wants to use a small or large potty.


Tip: Allowing a child to make decisions will provide a sense of control over bedtime which will make it more appealing for a child and hopefully less stressful for you.

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helen sadovsky