Suction Kupz


Suction Kupz are soft and flexible rubbery cups with suctions at the bottom. They are a fun, open-ended and versatile toy for toddlers that can be played with in a number of ways.


Here is what the suction looks like.


Try rolling them down (see below)


and turning them inside out (see below) to work on hand strength and bilateral coordination (using both hands together).


Stack them one on top of the other to encourage hand-eye coordination, and explore with stacking them in different ways to promote problem-solving and attention. Use them during bath time and incorporate them during imaginative play.


Also, try attaching them to a vertical surface (fridge or bath) for an additional fine motor workout. The play possibilities are endless here. Suction Kupz can also be fun for travel or during wait time at restaurants.


If you’d like more info or to purchase them, click here for an affiliate link.

helen sadovsky