Babu Collection


What You need to know: (ad) The Babu Collection comes in 3 unique wooden block sets. There is the Babu Stacker, the Babu Rocker, and the Babu Rollers. Each set is designed to encourage open-ended play, creativity, decision making, problem-solving, and motor skills.

The Babu Stacker includes 6 slanted wooden peg blocks that all fit snugly on top of one another regardless of size. It encourages children to explore with balance and spatial relationships while engaged and having fun.

Babu Stacker

You can create endless unique structures with these blocks.

Babu Blocks

But be careful or they will topple over!

babu stacking toy

The Babu Rocker is another fun balance toy with endless building and balancing possibilities. It includes a wooden rocking base, 6 colorful wooden blocks, and a wooden center block

babu rocker

See how many different ways you can stack the blocks to balance the base.

babu rocker toy

Create unique towers!

wooden balance toy

And explore with stacking. The Babu Rocker is recommended for ages 1 and up.

balance blocks

Last, but most certainly not least is The Babu Roller set which comes with 3 car bases and 6 uniquely shaped blocks. The blocks can be stacked on top of one another in all sorts of ways to create unique car designs.

babu collection

Playing with Babu Rollers encourages imagination, eye-hand coordination and active play.

babu rollers

Babu Rollers are recommended for 18 months and up.

wooden stacking cars

You can purchase these sets separately (linked above) or all together here.

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