Monkey Around


About: Monkey Around is a first board game for 2-year-olds. It focuses on following directions, interacting and bonding with you, and performing different fine motor and gross motor activities. It comes with 40 challenge cards that incorporate interactive play and movement, a game board, and a bean banana (to play, throw and use to perform challenges). Some of the cards involve solo activities and others require you and your child to work together.


To Play: Choose a monkey card and perform the action on the card. Then place it down on the the game board. The banana beanbag serves as a fun prop. Check out some of the challenges below.


Do you think you can do this one?;)


How about this one?


This one looks fun!


Why I love Monkey Around: It is a simple and interactive game that a young child can learn to play that doesn’t involve electronics or tech.

Skills it works on: Social interaction, fine motor and gross motor skills, following directions, working towards a goal, and sustained attention.

You can learn more and purchase Monkey Around here.

helen sadovsky