My First Totem-SmartMax


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What you need to know: My First Totem is a must have toy for 2 year olds!

It comes with 7 different magnetic shapes, and 12 design cards. The goal is to replicate the designs on the cards. Kids can also explore and build their own unique structures.

My First Totem by SmartMax

Here is an example of a design on one of the cards.


and here is the built structure.


Here is another example


Why I love this: Although the concept of the game is simple and easy for 2-year olds to learn, it actually helps develop and reinforce many underlying skills.

Skills it works on: A LOT! Playing with magnets encourages kids to use two hands together and helps develop hand strength. Being able to use both hands (one to complete a task and the other to stabilize) is needed for everyday tasks. Also replicating picture designs teaches spatial reasoning, perception, directionality, problem-solving, motor planning, and attention. Not to mention, kids can also practice being creative by designing their own models.


Note: The faces on the blocks also differ on each side, so children have to pay attention to detail and distinguish facial expressions.

Conclusion: This game rocks!

If you’d like more info on this game or would like to purchase, I’m including the affiliate link here.

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