6 Toys and Games That Will Inspire Toddlers To Move While Playing

Exercise and movement play a crucial role in child development. However, kids are spending more time playing video games and less time outdoors. Here are some toy ideas that you can use to encourage movement while playing from an early age.

1) Gertie Ball

Gertie Balls have a unique soft texture that kids love. Playing with them will motivate kids to squeeze, throw, run, and catch.

2) Edublocks

Edublocks are giant soft and sturdy foam blocks. Challenge your kids to create unique constructions, while practicing squatting, reaching, and grasping.

3) Seek-a-Boo

Spread the large circles around the room, and encourage your child to walk and squat to find the matching pieces. This is great for visual memory and language development as well.

4) Giant Blocks

Building with these blocks will truly be a workout. Just imagine the different exercises your child will have to do. First, they have to walk to the pieces, squat to pick them up, grasp them, carry them, and then figure out how to place them on top of one another. This toy is an OT’s dream come true!;)

5) A Tunnel

Tunnels are a fun and interactive way to encourage crawling, and moving. Incorporate them into a larger obstacle course to increase the challenge.

6) Move & Groove

This game incorporates social interaction with movement. Roll the large dice, and then act out the action on the card that corresponds with the color you land on. You may need to demonstrate some of the moves first, which will make the game even more fun for the child.

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