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With summer right around the corner, we will soon be spending more time outdoors. Here are some toy and game ideas to keep kids entertained while staying active, and learning. You can click on the pictures to learn more about the toys.

Goodminton is a new racket game that is easier to play than badminton, so now younger kids can play too. Racket games are great for encouraging active play, communication, eye-hand coordination, and concentration. Goodminton comes with 2 rackets and 4 birdies. 

The Foam Pogo Jumper is a fun sensory toy that encourages kids to be active while working on balance, coordination, and core strength. It makes squeaky sounds as it bounces so kids can create their own symphonies too. 

This gardening play set includes Gardening Tools and a STEM early learning guide that teaches about nature, animals, and plants. Gardening promotes sensory exploration, active play, cognitive development, and imagination. 

What's more fun than egg and spoon races? Place the spoon in your mouth, the egg on the spoon and see who can get the furthest without dropping the egg.  This game encourages, balance, coordination, concentration, and active play.

Put on potato sacks and see who can jump to the finish line the fastest. Potato Sack races are great for encouraging outdoor competitive play, balance, coordination, and sensory processing.

Little Tikes Garden Table includes 4 flower pots, 2 soil discs, 2 flowers, a tray, a rake, shovel, and a watering tray. Perfect for encouraging outdoor play and teaching about plants and gardening. 

Ogosport discs are made out of soft foam and spandex that make bouncing balls easier and fly much further. The discs can also be used as frisbees. Ogosport makes a perfect toy for a day at the park or beach.  

This Seaside Sand Baking Set is adorable and perfect for keeping kids entertained at the beach. It includes sea shell shaped measuring cups, an octopus whisk, and a crab mixing spoon.

Scooters are timeless toys that are both entertaining and beneficial for gross motor skill development. Riding a scooter requires the use of balance, coordination, and strength. Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter comes with an adjustable T bar to accommodate children as they grow.  

Djubi is an interesting new catch and throw game where players aim by pointing the racket towards a target, then pull back and release to throw the ball. Djubi includes a launching hook, catching net with an ergonomic handle, 2 rackets, and 2 balls. 

Create giant bubbles with this Wowmazing Giant Bubble Wand Kit!  The kit includes everything you need to make huge bubbles and a booklet with cool tips and tricks to use. Bubbles are usually fun for every age and promote active play, sensory processing, and attention.

Grow'n Up Heracles Seasaw moves in an up and down motion and also spins in a 360 degree rotation. Seesaws promote sensory processing, core strength, balance, and teamwork. This one is easily assembled and light weight, making it a perfect addition to any backyard.

Finding Dory Dive and Catch Game is a cute pool and bath toy containing some characters that sink and others that float. Kids have to dive and swim to catch them. Playing this game helps develop strength and coordination, promotes interactive play, and helps build confidence in the water.

Inflate the Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler, connect it to a water hose and have fun rolling it around as it splashes. Playing with the Beach Ball Sprinkler is not only fun, but also great for encouraging teamwork, sensory feedback, and active play. 

Scoop Ball has been one of my favorite games for years. It's fairly easy to throw and catch which makes it rewarding and fun for younger kids to learn and play. Scoop Ball helps develop hand-eye coordination, reaction time, grading pressure abilities, and promotes active play.

This Ring Toss Game Set is quick to set up and can be fun to play for the whole family. It comes with a base, 8 plastic rings, 8 rope rings, and a storage case for easy transport. Playing ring toss works on eye-hand coordination, grading pressure, counting, and more.

Activ Flyer is a Frisbee like toy with an innovative design that makes it easier to aim, throw and catch for little kids. Take it to the park, the beach, or play in the backyard. Activ Flyer encourages teamwork, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and outdoor play.

If you have space in the backyard, this Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym would be awesome for getting out energy, working on upper body strength, and developing coordination. It looks like a lot of fun too!

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