9 Toys That Will Inspire Active Play Indoors

Exercise is crucial for child development. Besides having physical benefits, staying active helps with learning, attention, and executive function. However, on days when playing outside is not possible, there are still ways for kids to remain active.

Check out the 9 toys below that will encourage kids to remain active when indoors.

Tunnels are a fun way to promote and engage kids in active and open-ended play. For a more structured activity, you can add additional steps to create different obstacle courses.

Trampolines are another excellent way to encourage exercise when indoors. Jumping on a trampoline helps builds endurance, coordination, and improves balance. For an additional challenge, ask your child to play catch with you while jumping. (Supervision required)

Step-a-Logs is a fun way to keep kids active both indoors and out. Use it to create obstacle courses, work on balance, coordination, and build confidence while having fun. The logs are connected with a rope and can be adjusted to different lengths to make the activity easier or harder. The steps also nest inside one another for convenient storage.

The Hop and Count Hopscotch rug will keep kids active and engaged while working on balance, and coordination. Use it with a tunnel or trampoline to create mini obstacle courses. The rug is over 6 ft long and includes 2 bean bags to throw.

Dot N Roll Activity Mat can be used as a twister game with dice or just for jumping and tumbling. Playing this game is great for developing balance, strength, and coordination, as well as many cognitive skills, such as following directions, left and right discrimination and color recognition.

Pancake Pile-Up is a relay race game that gets kids moving. The goal is to complete a pancake order by sequencing and stacking the pancakes as the order shows.

Wiggle Box comes with 80 unique challenges/exercises that will help get the wiggles out. How you play is entirely up to you.

Yoga helps with relaxation, building strength, and improving flexibility. To play, roll both dice and perform the yoga pose for the time shown on the dice.

I love how versatile and open-ended these non-skid cushions are. Uses them for jumping, hopping, climbing, and playing games like “avoid the lava.” This toy set is great for building strength, coordination, balance, motor planning, and more.

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