9 Active Indoor Games for Kids 5 and up

1) The Floor is Lava is an exciting new game that can be fun for all ages. The goal is to jump from one foam piece to the next (depending on the color your spinner lands on) without touching the floor, because The Floor is Lava! This game will keep kids alert and problem-solving while moving and having fun.

2) Throw Thumball from one player to the next. The person who catches the ball has to perform the action that their thumb covers. The instructions to this game are easy, but the game is not.;) Also see if you can create different versions of the game.

3) Fitivities is an exercise board game for ages 6 and up. The idea is to move your game piece around the mat while completing different exercises. The person who moves their game piece around the full circle and completes all the exercises wins the game.

4) Scavenger Hunt will get kids moving around the house while they search for different objects on the cards. The idea is to find each object within a 2 minute time frame. Kids move one space on the game board for every item they find, and additional spaces for every item they clean up. Sounds like a great game to me!

5) Twangled is an interesting new interactive game that reminds me of Twister. To Play: kick the spinner, and follow the directions that you land on. If you lands on “over blue” you must move your entire body over the blue band. This is great for working on motor planning, problem-solving, and balance.

6) Spread out the targets around a room, and then use the tagger to race and touch the color that lights up as fast as you can. You can play against the clock or another player. Ultra Dash comes with 3 modes of play. Also look into Hyper Dash Extreme which incorporates basic math skills.

7) Yoga Spinner will teach kids how to perform basic yoga poses while improving flexibility, balance, and coordination. To play: spin the spinner and choose a card of the corresponding color. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card. The player who collects a card in every color first wins the game.

8) Bakari is a fitness and memory game in one. Players earn points by matching activity cards and then completing the challenges on the cards. This game will provide a great workout for the body and mind.

9) Dance Charades is a silly musical twist on charades. The idea is to dance like the descriptions on the cards and have the other players guess what you are acting out.

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