Since beginning my Instagram account (@toy_ideas) in July of 2015, I’ve received numerous requests for personalized toy recommendations. I’ve spent countless hours thinking about how I could bring this service to everyone and now I finally have a way.

If you're interested in toy recommendations targeting a specific developmental skill or simply want new and educational toy ideas to engage your child, please click on "Add To Cart" to fill out the form provided regarding your child’s interests, play skills, and abilities.

I will personally review the form and within 48 hours send you

  • A list of 10 different toy Ideas to look into that I feel would be beneficial for your child.

  • Explain why I feel the toys would be appropriate.

  • Share relevant Play tips and Strategies for you to use.

You decide if the toys are right for you and if you wish to purchase one or all of them.

No subscriptions, Just Toy Ideas.

Please note: If you live outside of the U.S. and would like to receive personalized toy ideas, please provide me with a few websites that I can look through that deliver to your country.

Personalized Toy Ideas
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