Yoga Games

Studies have shown that yoga is incredibly beneficial for our health. Aside from improving strength, flexibility, and balance, yoga can also teache discipline, provide stress relief, and build self-esteem. The sooner children begin to learn about and practicing yoga, the sooner they can reap the benefits. Here are 6 game ideas to help you get started introducing your kids to yoga:  

1) The Yoga Garden is a cooperative board game where the objective is to plant a flower garden before night falls. As players move the bumblebee marker around the board, they learn classic yoga postures, as well as have the chance to invent their own! Ages 4 and up.

2) Memory Yoga is a great way to introduce kids to yoga poses while working on visual attention and visual memory. First, find a yoga pose match, then hold the pose for 10 seconds to keep the cards. The person with the most matches at the end wins. Ages 3 and up.

3) Yoga Pretzels comes with yoga pose cards, breathing exercises and fun activities that kids can do on their own or in a group. The cards are color coded and broken down by category and include phrases and words that help children understand how to perform each pose. Ages 4 and up.

4) To play Yoga Spinner, spin the spinner and perform the pose on the corresponding yoga pose card. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card. The first player to collect a card in each color wins! Ages 5 and up.

5) YOGI is a yoga-inspired kit through which children, along with their parents, can participate in a variety of fun activities and games. YOGI contains 40 cards that can be used for countless games and activities! Ages 3-12

6) Yoga Cards comes with 48 yoga pose cards, six mission cards, one help card and instructions. Each player starts with a Mission Card. The first player who correctly bends and stretches into the seven yoga poses on their Mission Card wins! Ages 6 and up

helen sadovsky