Yoga Games That You and Your Kids Will Love

memory yoga

Studies show that yoga is incredibly beneficial to our health. Ongoing practice can improve strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance. It’s low impact and can be adapted based on one’s level or physical ability. On top of the physical benefits, yoga is an effective stress-reliever, can help improve focus, and can help build self-esteem. It’s basically a gold mine for overall wellness and self-care. Namaste!:)


Whether you’re an active yogi or you live in yoga pants but haven’t done a downward dog in years, inviting your child to join you in Yoga can benefit you both while also serving as a fun bonding experience. The earlier children begin to learn about and participate in yoga, the sooner they can begin to reap the benefits. Instilling its healthy practices and positive emotional tools early also helps to potentially support children as they grow into adolescence and adulthood, when they’ll really need to focus on stress-relief and self-care the most. 


If you’re well-versed in yoga, you can begin parent/child yoga time by simply walking your child step by step through a mini class or inviting them to do a guided yoga video with you. Since yoga is quite slow-moving and intentionally low-key, you might find that it’s challenging to keep a child engaged and having fun. If you need any supports, choosing something like Yoga Pretzels cards could be a great start. The cards include ideas for poses, breathing exercises, and fun activities. They’re color-coded and broken down by category, and include phrases and words that help children understand and perform each pose. A YOGI kit is another great option for gathering ideas. It comes with 40 cards that can be used to create countless games and activities. 


If your child is open to the idea of trying yoga but isn’t so keen on participating in a straightforward yoga class, or isn’t interested in staying engaged with it for too long, you may want to consider one of the many great yoga-infused games out there. Folding yoga into a more interactive game can help engage kids more actively and effectively. Making a game of it also presents a great opportunity to turn it into a group activity and involve the entire family. Like Yoga Pretzels and YOGI, Yoga Cards comes with 48 yoga pose cards. The difference here is the added mission cards. The first player who correctly bends and stretches into the seven yoga poses on the mission card wins. The added bit of competition can definitely encourage certain kids to give it their all. Yoga Spinner is another great option for this. Players spin the spinner and perform the pose on the corresponding yoga pose card. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card. The first player to collect a card in each color wins. The Yoga Garden is a cooperative yoga-infused board game with an added touch of cuteness. The objective is to plant a flower garden before night falls. As players move the bumblebee marker around the board, they learn classic yoga postures, as well as have the chance to invent their own!


Now, let’s say you’ve got a child who has zero interest in yoga or is simply unfamiliar with the concept, selecting a yoga game is definitely a great start, but an even better idea is to select a yoga game that’s disguised as a good old regular game. Nothing to see here, yoga-resistant kids. Memory Yoga is a great example. It begins as a classic memory matching game, which is easy for anyone to get quickly hooked on. Memory Yoga is a great way to introduce kids to yoga while additionally challenging visual attention and visual memory. Once someone finds a match, they then hold the pose that appears on the card for 10 seconds to keep it in their own stack. The person with the most matched cards at the end wins. This game sounds like a win to me!