11 Best Games for Preschoolers


If you have or work with preschoolers, these 11 preschool games are a must have!


1) Stack Up

stack up.jpg

Goal of the game: Work with another player to balance 12 blocks before the “Stack Smasher” walks across the game board.

What you should know: Stack up is a cooperative game, which means players work together not against each other to win. It also has 3 game variations that increase in difficulty.

Skills it works on: Teamwork, eye-hand coordination, grading pressure, problem-solving, following directions, and perseverance.


2) Pengoloo


Goal of the game: Collect 6 penguins by matching the colors on the dice to the eggs hiding under the penguins.

What you should know: Pengoloo will challenge visual and working memory.

Skills it works on: Counting, color recognition, matching, following directions, turn-taking, and memory.


3) Alphabet Island

Goal of the game: Race to collect the most matches by matching letters or sounds (depending on your game of choice).

What you should know: Alphabet Island is a simple board game that focuses on matching letters and sounds. It’s a lot of fun for everyone, and is especially beneficial for kid’s who need additional help learning letters.

Skills it works on: Vocabulary, letter recognition, letter sounds, matching, reaction time, following directions, and attention.


4) Zingo 1-2-3

Goal of the game: Be the first player to cover the entire game card by matching all the numbers picked to the numbers on your card.

What you should know: Number Bingo is one variation of the favorite Zingo games. Each game focuses on a different skill (sight words, three letter words, etc.). This number game comes with double-sided cards with 1:1 correspondence on one side and basic addition on the other.

Skills it works on: Number recognition, counting, reaction time, addition, fine motor skills.


5) Silly Street


Goal of the game: Complete different challenges to earn points and reach the end of Silly Street. Some challenges are silly, some are tricky, and all address different aspects of development.

You should know: The Silly Street board game is a large 8 piece interlocking puzzle that kids first have to put together to set up the game.

Skills it works on: Creativity, turn-taking, problem-solving, communication, dramatic play, and self-confidence.


6) Pancake Pile-Up!

Goal of the game: Complete a pancake order by by sequencing and stacking the pancakes as the order shows.

What you should know: Pancake Pile-Up! is a relay race game that gets kids up and moving.

Skills it works on: Balance, coordination, visual perception, sequencing, following directions, teamwork, and concentration.


7) Shelby’s Snack Shack Game

Goal of the game: Spin the spinner and collect the most doggie bones to add to your doggie bowl.

You should know: Shelby’s Snack Shack is my favorite game from the Educational Insight’s fantastic line of squeezer games. This one is focuses on early math skills. It is recommended for ages 4 and up.

Skills it works on: Number recognition, counting, turn-taking, following directions, and fine motor skills.


8) Jumping Jack

Goal of the game: Collect more carrots than your opponent or catch Jack when he jumps up to win the game.

What you should know: Jumping Jack is probably my favorite preschool game of all time (the kids seem to enjoy it as well;). The anticipation of waiting for Jack to jump keeps kids super engaged, alert, and focused, and the rules are easy to learn.

Skills it works on: Turn-taking, following directions, counting, reaction time, fine motor, and patience.


9) Feed Fuzzy


Goal of the game: Feed all the acorns to Fuzzy before your opponent.

What you should know: Feed Fuzzy is a super cute game with easy to learn rules that will keep your child engaged and learning.

Skills it works on: Color and number recognition, counting, following directions, turn-taking, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination.


10) Eye-Spy Eagle Eye

Goal of the game: Find a picture on your game board that matches a picture on card drawn, and ring the bell before your opponent.

What you should know: I Spy Eagle Eye is fun for kids of all ages and even adults. It comes with 4 double sided board games and 30 double-sided cards.

Skills it works on: Visual discrimination, attention, perception, reaction time, following directions, and perseverance.


11) Charades for Kids


Goal of the game: Act out the words on the cards that you draw. The player who guesses correctly 3 times (only 1 guess allowed per turn) wins the game.

What you should know: Charades for Kids is designed for 3 or more players (but you can modify). No reading is required for one variation of the game.

Skills it works on: Vocabulary, imagination, creativity, problem-solving, planning, self-confidence.