Choosing The Right Stacking Ring Toy


If you have a baby or toddler at home chances are you have a stacking ring toy. It really is a classic toy with many benefits. Stacking rings help develop eye-hand coordination, encourage problem-solving and teach color and size recognition, but with so many stacking rings available which one should you choose? Well, for starters, let's take a look at this very popular option by Fisher Price.


This stacking ring comes up first in searches and I've seen it at almost every house that I've been to with little kids. But, is it really the most beneficial choice? Let's explore a few other options and you can decide for yourselves. You can click on any of the pictures to learn more about the toys. 


This stacking ring by Holgate Toys comes with 6 rings instead of 5 and contains 6 clear primary colors that are not over-stimulating or distracting. The base rocks and spins for an extra challenge. This toy is wooden, durable and great quality. Love it.

This Shape Stacker is also wooden and comes with 6 different SHAPES to stack instead of just rings. The pieces are also heavier than the plastic rings and require more dexterity to stack. This can be used along with other building blocks as the child gets a little older to create unique designs. Very cool idea!

This beautiful wooden stacking toy comes with 11 pieces instead of the typical 5 or 6, providing an opportunity to teach more colors, size comparisons, and numbers. Also having more pieces requires kids to sustain attention and engage in coordination activities for longer to complete the task.  


Here, the stacking pieces can also be used as teethers. Each piece has a different texture, providing extra tactile sensory input to the mouth and hands. The pieces stack interchangeably making it a great first stacking toy. This encourages kids to problem solve, coordinate and strengthen the hands as well.

Here is another wooden stacking toy that is simple, beautiful and great quality. Here, the peg is thinner than in the plastic Fisher Price toy, requiring a need for more precision when stacking. Also love that it comes with an adorable penguin at the top.


This Giant Plush Stacking Ring toy is large enough to promote gross motor skills in children encouraging crawling, walking and standing. Picking up and placing the pieces onto the peg also develops upper body strength and coordination of both hands together. Love how unique this is!

I've just listed 6 stacking ring options that I feel are worth looking into. Of course, there are plenty of other ones that are excellent as well. I encourage you all to take a look and really do your research before purchasing a stacking ring toy, as they are not all created equal. Its important to note that the most popular ones may not always be the most worthwhile.