9 Examples Of Toys That Teach Cause And Effect


Cause and effect toys teach children that their actions can cause something to happen. A rattle that makes a sound when they shake it or a ball that falls through a hole after they push it down shows a child they can change something in their environment. This helps develop curiosity and attention. Here is an example of 9 different toys that teach cause and effect.

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1) Car Ramp Racer

Playing with this toy will teach a child that to activate the car to move down and jump from one race track to the next they first have to release it at the top.

2) Pounding Wooden House

Hammering the balls through the roof, and then watching them as they roll out of the house will engage a child in active play, help develop eye-hand coordination, promote attention, and teach cause and effect.


3) Busy Poppin’ Pals

In this pop-up toy, a child will have to figure out how to manipulate the different switches to make the animals jump up. It’s great for encouraging fine motor skills and problem-solving, as well as teaching cause and effect.


4) Wooden Drum

Encourage a child to use the drumstick and/or their hand to experiment with different sounds and rhythms while learning cause and effect.

5) Baby Newspaperr

The Baby Newspaper is a fun sensory toy that introduces cause and effect and helps develop fine motor skills. Squeeze, pinch, and crumble it, then watch it bounce back to its original shape.


6) Push & Spin

Press on the doggie’s head to watch the balls spin inside. The more you press down, the faster the balls will spin.


7) Roly Poly Elephant

Gently tap the elephant to watch it spin and wobble while playing soft musical sounds.


8) 1-2-3 Bowl with me

Rolling the bowling ball to knock down the adorable bowling pins is a fun way to discover cause and effect. It also requires focus and eye-hand coordination. This set has an electronic component (plays songs) which you can turn on/off as you like.


9) SpinAgain

Here is another fun way to introduce cause and effect. Place the discs on top of the corkscrew and enjoy watching them slowly spin all the way down.