7 Toys that will keep preschoolers focused almost as well as Ipads (Part 2)


1) Take-Apart-Airplane

take apart plane set

Figuring out how to put this adorable plane together will hopefully be stimulating and engaging enough that an Ipad will not be needed. Plus it will help build motor skills and coordination along the way.


2) Greta's Garden Threading Game


Sewing the details onto this garden will promote concentration, creativity, and imagination. Lacing toys are also great for working on eye-hand coordination. This toy is guaranteed to keep kids focused and problem-solving for some time. Learn more about this sewing toy here.


3) Dry Erase Activity Pad

dry erase activity pad

This activity pad includes mazes, connect-the-dots, learn-to-draw, and many other activities that will inspire creativity, promote problem-solving, and develop fine motor coordination, while keeping a child’s attention. It’s also great for travel.


4) Paint

glitter paint

Kids naturally gravitate to and are curious about paint and painting. Encourage open-ended paint activities to inspire imagination, promote decision making, and build independence.


5) Crazy Animal Magnets

crazy magnetics puzzle

Attach these 3 piece animal magnet puzzles to a fridge and watch your preschoolers keep busy rearranging them to create silly characters. Working on a vertical surface is also great for developing shoulder and wrist strength which will help with writing as they get older.


6) Popoids


This open-ended construction toy will encourage kids to focus on building creative and silly structures while problem-solving, having fun, and building strong muscles. Learn more about Popoids here.


7) Stamps


Stamp sets make an exciting addition to any art activity. Playing with stamps encourages kids to be creative and explore with decorating pictures. You can also purchase additional colored ink to make the whole activity even more interesting.

helen sadovsky