16 Toys and games that big kids and little kids can play together


If you have kids with a gap in age, it may be challenging to find toys that they can all enjoy and play with together. However, more toys can be appropriate and fun for a diverse age group than it seems.

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Check out some of my favorites toys and games below that can be fun for little kids and big kids alike.

1) A ball

Although the way kids play ball changes as they grow, a ball will remain a classic toy staple and stay relevant for years. It is also the perfect toy to encourage an older child to play with a younger one. Just think how important an 8-year-old would feel by rolling a ball to a much younger sibling or teaching them to catch. There are many different types on the market, so there can never be a dull moment with ball playing. Explore various sizes, colors, and textures for endless fun.


2) Magnetic Tiles

magnetic tiles

Magnetic tiles is another classic toy option that can grow with the child and be fun for big kids and little kids to play together. Although, an older child can build a more sophisticated structure, the benefits of playing with magnetic tiles remain the same for all ages.


3) A Puzzle


A puzzle is another great toy that can work for many different age groups. Choose a puzzle that an older child can help a younger child complete and vise versa. Puzzles can be great bonding activities for the whole family.


4) Scoop Ball


Scoop Ball is a super fun catching and throwing game that is easy for younger kids to master but is still a lot of fun for older kids to play too. I’ve played this game many times with different age ranges and it is always a good time.


5) Crafts

Sometimes craft activities can be tailored to a specific age group. However, if you purchase more open-ended craft supplies, they then can be used and enjoyed by a broader age group. This Giant Art Jar is one example.


6) Legos

Besides the obvious benefits of Legos (which deserve a blog post all on their own), Legos are also great because they are appealing to kids of all ages. If original Legos are still too difficult, you can always mix in Duplo Legos to involve the younger kids in play.


7) Memory Games

Sock Memo

The classic memory game now has so many new interesting twists, themes, and variations. There are memory games that incorporate book themes, faces, and even yoga poses. The awesome thing is that the game remains just as challenging for older kids as it is for younger ones. Kids beat me in this game all the time!;)


8) Bingo


The same applies to Bingo! The concept can be fun for a wide age range, which is great because there are so many different themes to choose from. There is math bingo, sight word bingo, picture bingo, and and so on. Did you know that there is even an Earth Science bingo? How cool is that?!


9) I Spy


The idea of I spy is to locate hidden pictures within a busy background. I spy comes in card games, board games, puzzles, memory games, books, and more. Regardless of how you choose to play I Spy, it is guaranteed to be engaging and fun for everyone (even you).


10) Paint

paint set

Painting is a tried-and-true activity that toddlers can love as much as older kids and even adults. So whether your kids are close in age or not, paint will always be a good toy option.


11) Kids on Stage

Kids on Stage

Kids On Stage is a simple yet fun game that the whole family can play together. The rule is that one player has to act out a word on a card while the others guess what the action is. Super fun for everyone!


12) Bubbles

bubble machine

Who doesn’t love bubbles!? Older kids can engage younger ones in play by blowing bubbles and asking them to catch and pop them and vice versa.


13) Throwing games

Most games that require aiming and throwing at a target can be modified for big and little kids. Think magnetic darts, ring toss, beanbag toss, etc. Sticky Darts is another fantastic option.


14) Hot potato

The rules of Hot Potato are simple for little kids to learn, but the game is still fun for older kids as well. This makes it a great game option that the whole family can enjoy together. The idea is to pass the potato while music plays without getting caught holding it when the music stops.


15) Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a versatile game that can entertain kids of different ages while keeping them active. Kids can draw their own hopscotch with sidewalk chalk or create one out of gym equipment. You can even purchase a hopscotch mat for movement breaks indoors.


16) Balloon Volleyball

Last, but most certainly not least is balloon volleyball. See how long kids can pass a balloon back and forth without dropping it. This game is always a hit when I play, and the good news is that it only requires one good balloon.

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